President Donald Trump suspends immigration for 60 days into US

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President Donald Trump suspends immigration for 60 days into US 
President Donald Trump has now officially signed the executive order suspending immigration into the United States. President Trump defended his decision saying that it would shield the job market for the US citizens.
The United States is suspending immigration for green card seekers for a period of 60  days.
“This will ensure unemployed Americans will be FIRST in line for jobs as our economy re-opens and preserve our healthcare resources for American patients,” stated in a tweet from the White House.
The coronavirus pandemic has brought the US economy to a grinding halt and experts believe that once the economy reopens many American citizens could find themselves without jobs as companies brace for massive losses.
It is important to note that this executive order will only be affecting those who are seeking green cards; the order will temporarily suspend immigration into the US for 60 days and it will also not affect any workers who are entering the US on a temporary basis. So it basically means that a 60-day pause will be in effect only on those people who are seeking permanent resident status in the United States for now.
President Donald Trump suspends immigration for 60 days into US
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Seasonal workers such as immigrants vital to US farm labor are still allowed to enter. The order also exempts people working in the healthcare sector and immediate relatives of US citizens. Many even believe that the government is using this pandemic to crack down on immigration and the main question is how will this decision impact India.
While President Trump talks about suspending immigration visas the H-1B visa which is a popular one among Indian IT professionals is a non-immigrant visa, but travel restrictions and the closing of consulate services is already having a huge impact on the issuing of new H-1B visas.

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