No cricket in India in near future, life is more important: Ganguly

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No cricket in India in near future, life is more important: BCCI President Ganguly

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking its havoc all around the globe. Half of humanity is under forced lockdown due to this pandemic. The global outbreak of pandemic has halted all the sporting events across the globe. IPL has been postponed indefinitely for the first time since its inception. Many sports personalities are suggesting to host events in empty stadiums until the threat of the virus is completely negated.
Some of the cricketers also have suggested playing in empty stadiums.
Australia vs New Zealand first ODI was played in March in an empty stadium while the fifth day of Ranji Trophy was also played without fans being able to watch it at the venue.
However The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chairman  Sourav Ganguly, has ruled out any chance of cricket in the near foreseeable future due to the havoc of the coronavirus pandemic.
“The social reality of Germany and India are different, there will be no cricket in India in the near future,” BCCI President Ganguly told TOI on Tuesday. “There are too many ifs and buts involved. More importantly, I don’t believe in sport when there is a risk to human life.”
No cricket in India in near future, life is more important: BCCI President Ganguly
BCCI President Sourav Ganguly
(Photo credit: AFP)
Meanwhile the Australian Cricket Board is hoping for the World T20 to happen in closed doors although the International Cricket Council (ICC) will take the final decision on thursday on the World T20 tournament.
Harbhajan Singh, veteran Indian offspinner bowler also reverberated Sourav Ganguly’s words. Harbhajan Singh said that top-flight cricket shouldn’t resume till the time a coronavirus vaccine comes out. He said when teams travel, you can not maintain social distance at hotels and airports.
Legendary former Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar suggested If India and Australia come to an agreement and the Covid-19 curve in India flattens out, India and Australia could swap the rights for the 2020 and 2021 editions of the T20 World Cups.
But, Chennai Super Kings CEO KS Viswanathan said it is not an easy task to host events like the World T20 or IPL in empty stadiums in India.  “You can’t control Indian crowds that easily. Yes, there will be financial losses, but we have to live with it,” added by KS Viswanathan.

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