Google bans Zoom from employee computers due to security reasons.

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Google has banned the recently popular video conferencing application Zoom from its employees’ computers.
Ever since work from home has become a worldwide norm due to the coronavirus epidemic, professionals have turned to apps such as Zoom.Zoom has become one of the most popular video conferencing applications during the coronavirus pandemic situation.
Google bans Zoom from employee computers due to security reasons.
(Photo: Beck Diefenbach | Reuters)
According to reports, Google spokesperson said Google sent an email to it’s employees who had installed Zoom on their computers, warning them Zoom will no longer run on corporate devices as it does not meet our security standards for softwares used by employees.
Before Google, NASA and SpaceX had banned Zoom for their employees due to security reasons.
Earlier a bug was found in Zoom which allowed hackers to steal other user’s Windows login credentials, sending this data to Facebook for no good reason.
Last week, Zoom apologized for the bugs and promised to fix the errors.
Zoom had crossed 200 million daily users in March 2020 and became very popular across the world. But Google found Zoom it’s competitor for Google’s own app Google Meet, a video conferencing app and of course due to security reasons Google bans its employees to use Zoom.

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