Corronavirus outbreak: 1169 deaths reported in US in last 24 hours

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The US has reported its highest-ever daily death toll due to coronavirus while the global infection has surpassed 1 million. In the last 24 hours 1169 people have succumbed to this deadly virus and around 32,000 people tested positive for the disease in the United States. The virus has infected more than 277,000 and has killed over 7,000 people in America till now. As a pandemic continues to spread rapidly experts in the u.s. Believe that the worst is yet to come with projections going as far as 200,000 deaths and with an average of 2,000 deaths per day. The Trump Administration is expecting the virus to Peak and Plateau by April the 15th. New York, epicenter of coronavirus in the United States is yet to brace itself for the worse of the pandemic.
(Photo: REUTERS/Brendan Mcdermid)
The city’s coronavirus victims make a quarter of the entire country stand image related death toll 
The city’s coronavirus victims make up a quarter of the entire country’s pandemic related death toll, as of today more than 3,000 people have died because of the infection and more patients are likely to overwhelm the city’s hospitals in the coming days.
The virus spread is yet to reach its peak but New York is already crippled by the shortage in protective gear and is faced with the lack of medical facilities even morgues and crematoriums are being crowded with burning bodies increasing number of coronavirus cases has also forced the state to run a tally of all cremations and barriers in order to keep track of the death toll.
Doctors, Medical practitioners and nurses are faced with the most difficult situations on the front lines. Hospitals across New York City are being overcrowded by more patients with each passing day. In their long 14 to 16 hour shifts doctors are also struggling to find protective gear and enough ventilators to treat the patients. Experts believe that the US will fall short of at least 
75,000 ventilators during this crisis. In an attempt to solve the issue of shortage of face masks US President Donald Trump has once again invoked the defense production act. He also signed an order directing his administration to stop exporting n95 protective masks to other countries. Earlier he had also ordered GE (General Motors) to manufacture ventilators until the
defense production act. The Trump administration is also recommending US citizens to voluntarily wear face masks to contain the virus spread but in an ironic situation the president himself refused to wear one as he felt there was no need for it however he repeatedly stressed about mandate but mandatory social distancing.

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