Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor tests positive for coronavirus for the fifth time

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Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor is currently in serious condition as she is tested positive for the virus for fifth time. The 41 year old singer tested positive for the Coronavirus and was rushed to the Sanjay Gandhi postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences. 
Singer the gorgeous Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor was in London before coming at India. She returned to Mumbai or 9th March when Indian government already want citizens to self-quarantine themselves if travel from a foreign country, but totally ignoring the warnings of Indian government Kanika visited many places. 
She even attended various party, which were attended by many prominent persons of India. 
Later, when the actress was not feeling well, she went through a test and emerged as one of the preys of the deadly virus. 
Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor tests positive for coronavirus for the fifth time.

As for the doctors, every patient who are tested positive for the virus are kept under observation and they are tested every 48 hours. To get released from quarantine and to know that a person is cured from the virus a patient needs to get test results negative twice. The singer is in hospital for around 10 days and she is being tested every 48 hours. Every report of the famous Bollywood singer is positive which is matter of great worry. Now, the result of the fifth report of the singer is also positive and this left her fans and family in a state of great worry.
Though her negligence angered people, but everyone is also praying for her speedy recovery. Bollywood celebrities have also come forward wishing the singer to get well soon. As per the reports Kanika was tested positive for the virus first time on 20th, March. She was second time tested for the virus on 24th, March and third time on 28th March and every report was positive. The singer blamed the hospital staffs for treating her like a criminal and the staffs responded to this. The hospital authority said that the singer needs to stop throwing tantrums at the hospital and she also needs to stop behaving like a star. 
Police case was also filed against a singer for not maintaining the warnings. The family members, friends and fans of the singer is in great worry currently because of her health, but the singer recently took her social media to announce that she is not in a serious condition. She also rubbished is the rumors of getting admitted to ICU- Intensive Care Unit. She said she is fine and is hoping that her next results come negative. 

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