104 year old Italian lady Ada Zanussi beats coronavirus with faith and courage

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A 104 year old Italian woman Ada Zanussi has recovered after having contracted the Coronavirus infection making her the world’s oldest-known survivor from coronavirus. 
Coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 95000 people world wide and more than 18,000 people in Italy. But 104 year old Ada Zanussi has won a battle against the coronavirus pandemic with her inner courage and faith.
104 year old Italian lady Ada Zanussi beats coronavirus with faith and courage
(Residenza Maria Grazia Lessona via AP Photo)
Ada Zanussi  was infected by the novel coronavirus in March and a light fever forced her to bed for one week but soon she recovered just by being highly hydrated and taking fever reducers. She stopped eating and became unresponsive so doctors hydrated her. Surprisingly after seven days she woke up. She also survived the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and is the only woman in the world to have survived two pandemics.  After recovery from the coronavirus she said, ‘I would like to go for a nice walk. I would also like to see my grandchildren and play with them.” 
Doctors attribute her timely recovery to a healthy lifestyle. She is an old woman but she’s very healthy she’s always been like this. She does not have any chronic disease. She’s a very open and responsive lady. She follows what we tell her to do. She’s very gentle and  positive. 
Ada Zanussi’s  recovery has become a sign of hope for all those who are suffering in her hometown. While the death toll in Italy continues to mount, others’ message to people suffering from this disease is to find inner courage and faith.

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